Blair - Doll Cat 3D Lashes

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These flirty Doll Cat 3D lashes are perfect for when you want the rounded baby doll lash look. The Blair - Cattitude Doll Cat 3D Lashes feature long and voluminous styles with varying lengths of fine, wispy hairs. Lashes are attached to an ultra-thin black band,so they are comfortable enough for all day wear.

[FEEL PRETTY] great for adding just a hint of drama to an everyday look or if you’re going full glam for a night out.

[ENHANCE YOUR EYES] add dimension to make lashes appear more voluminous with the double layered 3D effect

[SHINE BRIGHT] shorter on the ends and longer in the middle to make eyes appear much larger and more open.

[SOFT AND COMFORTABLE] lightweight, flexible cotton band that easily fits to the shape of your eye.

[CLUSTER STYLE] lashes are densely packed together for a voluminous look.


How to use

1. Gently remove lash form tray. 
2. Measure length of your natural lash line. Trim unnecessary lash to fit your eyes.
3. Apply a thin layer of adhesive along the band. Wait until the glue is tacky.
4. Start pressing lash gently form the outer corner of your eyes and place lash on the inner corner after.


Synthetic fibers