York - Natural Cat 3D Lashes

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These fluttery Natural Cal 3D lashes are designed to work for every eye shape, so they don't have to be trimmed ever. The flared edges provide natural-looking curl and definition. The Ultra-thin, lightweight and flexible band makes them comfortable for daily wear.


[SIMPLICITY] natural looking lashes to accentuate your lashes

[BABY DOLL LOOK] longer in the middle and shorter on the inner and outer corners for a wide open look

[A LITTLE BIT OF EDGE] slightly spiky for just a hint of attention

[LIGHT AS A FEATHER] lightweight and soft band allows for you to have your lashes on comfortably all day

[LOOK AUTHENTIC] every hair is tapered at the ends to give you a realistic look making sure that these lashes will seamlessly combine with your lashes.



How to use

1. Gently remove lash form tray. 
2. Measure length of your natural lash line. Trim unnecessary lash to fit your eyes.
3. Apply a thin layer of adhesive along the band. Wait until the glue is tacky.
4. Start pressing lash gently form the outer corner of your eyes and place lash on the inner corner after.



Synthetic fibers