BRAID FORMULA Pintail Parting Comb


Braid formula pintail parting comb is specifically designed for precise parting when doing any hair styles especially braiding. The ideal comb to create the clean section and backing combing. 

❤ [PINTAIL] Braid formula pintail parting combs have fine teeth and handles made of metal for thinner and precious parting. 

❤ [STATIC RESISTANT] Static resistant feature of the comb allows for effortless glides through the hair with a clean look. 

❤ [HEAT RESISTANT] Heat resistant up to  450 ℉ making our comb durable and ideal when styling your hair. 

❤ [PRECISION PARTING] The precision part of the comb allows for the even more precise and clean parting.

❤ [SLIP-FREE] Slip-free grip on the metal handle of the comb allows for more secure and stronger grip when using the comb by giving stability. 



Keep out of reach of children.