Nourish Duo

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Our Nourish Duo bundle is the perfect pairing of our Cream Type Detangling Refresher and Cream Type Leave-In Conditioner. The Nourish Duo Bundle is designed to provide your hair with the utmost care and hydration. Our Cream Type Detangling Refresher effortlessly eliminates knots and tangles, leaving your hair smooth and manageable. Paired with our Cream Type Leave-In Conditioner, your hair will receive deep nourishment and a luxurious softness that lasts all day. Cream texture of the refresher and conditioner is for longer lasting and deep penetration. This dynamic duo is the ultimate solution for maintaining healthy, silky hair.

♥ [DETANGLING REFRESHER] Designed to help detangle and refresh hair, particularly when it's knotted, tangled, or in need of a quick touch-up between washes.

♥ [LEAVE IN CONDITIONER] designed to provide long-lasting moisture, nourishment, and other beneficial ingredients to the hair, even after washing.

♥ [CRÈME] Easy to use cream format allows for targeted application to specific areas, ensuring thorough coverage and nourishment. This is recommended for the weekend for deeper penetration with longer application.

♥ [LIGHTWEIGHT] Crafted to cater to lightweight wig care, it rejuvenates your wigs without adding any extra weight or burden to them. Suitable for various wig types, including synthetic and human hair wigs, ensuring a wide range of wig enthusiasts can benefit.

♥ [CRUELTY FREE] Our product is cruelty free and vegan friendly meaning you can slay while being conscious.