Triple Wonder Lace Collection

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For powerful, all day hold, you need our wig adhesive spray. Gentle enough be removed at anytime, melt you lace with Wonder Lace Bond.

Our skin protector provides a barrier between the wig adhesive and skin to protect and shield from potential irritation. It also removes impurities such as sweat and oil, lengthening the wear of your wig.

Switch up your wig routine by elimnating bleaching knots! Create a natural look with buildable, pigmented coverage.

❤ [TRIPLE WONDER LACE] Perfect trio collection consist of only best for your wig application, wonder lace adhesive spray, skin protector and tinted lace spray to make your wig installation easy breezy.

❤ [ADHESIVE SPRAY] Wonder lace bond adhesive spray is a melting spray to melt your lace to secure your wig. Formulated to seamlessly blend into your hairline for natural look.

❤ [SKIN PROTECTOR] Our Wonder Lace Bond Skin Protector is the specially formulated to protect your skin from irritation caused by the wig adhesive. The skin protector played the role of primer to provide the protective wall between the scalp and the glue.

❤ [TINTED LACE] Make your wig installation process easier and faster with our quick dry tinted lace spray that seamlessly blends in with your natural hair line to make your wig application clean with vivid finish that looks natural. It dries quickly with no residues to ensure it is smudge free and transfer proof.

❤ [CRUELTY FREE] Cruelty free, vegan friendly. Say good bye to bleaching knot and hello to your wig’s new best friend.


Irritation may occur if not removed gently. For quickest & safest removal to protect your edges, use with a lace bond remover.