EBIN's Guide to Protecting Your Edges

EBIN's Guide to Protecting Your Edges

Dec 22, 2022Joon Park

Woman with braids and edges done

 Photo by Ogo

When it comes to edges, we don’t play! In fact, our most well known product is our 24 Hour Edge Tamer. One thing that’s important is keeping your edges intact, and we’ve got products to help you do just that!


First, to promote hair growth and protect the edges you already have, you need our WIL+GAIN 100% natural oils. We specifically recommend the ones for anti-breakage, moisturizing, and stimulating, however, any blend will prove helpful to your edges.

Edge Brush

Doing your edges is much easier when you have the proper tools! Reach for our edge brush, either the original dual sided or the 3-in-1 which has a brush, comb, and small spatula. Be gentle when using the brush to shape your edges - you don’t want to be too harsh and cause breakage.

24 Hour Edge Tamer

Of course, if you’re doing your edges you need the right product! Reach for our best selling 24 Hour Edge Tamer in its many variations! There’s the classic purple top but did you know we also sell wax sticks and gels? Different formulas have different uses, so take a look at all that is available to fit your specific needs.

Melt Spray 

Are you a wig wearer? Protecting your edges is absolutely essential. When it comes to laying your wig, grab our Lace Melt Spray to melt that lace and keep prevent your baby hairs from breaking off. Each Lace Melt Spray is infused with fantastic ingredients such as keratin, vitamin e, and silk protein.

Scarf or bonnet

Something simple yet so helpful when it comes to protecting your edges is wearing a scarf or bonnet when you sleep. This minimizes friction cotton pillow cases can cause on the hair, leading to breakage. Not a fan of wearing a bonnet or scarf? A satin or silk pillow case allows your hair to maintain its moisture, keeping your baby hairs where they need to be.

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