How EBIN NEW YORK can help those New Years Resolutions!

Happy New Year Glitter

Photo by olia danilevich


The holiday season is in full swing and 2023 is coming fast! If you’ve got hair and beauty related New Year’s Resolutions, we’re here to help you achieve them!

For All Hair Types

If you’re looking for the perfect product to solve your hair problems, WIL+GAIN is it! A varied assortment of 100% natural oil blends, each option tackles a different concern, from anti-breakage to moisture to anti-itch. To finish out an already stellar collection, the WIL+GAIN Max and Serum provide vital nutrients and moisture to thirsty strands.

For the Curly Girl

Our Style 2 Finish curl line has Manuka honey and Brazilian avocado, both superfoods that will nourish your curls. With a line of 7 different products, you can mix and match the perfect selection for your curls, coils, or waves. 

For the Lash Obsessed

If lashes are your thing, you need our Grip Bond Lash Adhesive Plus. Each variation has an ingredient that helps your natural lashes, including biotin, aloe, and peptide. It comes in both black and clear!

For those who get their lashes done, you can save time and money by using our Lab Extensions. No more appointments or waiting.

For the Wig Gurus

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about our wig-wearers! You already know that our Wonder Lace Bond in Active and Supreme can get you through your New Year’s Workouts, but did you know we have a brand new melting spray? That lace will be undetectable in 2023!

Now if you want to save time in your wig routine, grab out 10X Quick Dry Tinted Lace. Great with our Wonder Lace Bond sprays, it provides pigmented color to hide knots and blend the lace with your skin tone.

For the Braiders

Break out the protective styles for winter with our Braid Formula, great for braids, twists, and locs. Available in 4 sizes, you can have enough for a quick style or last through the winter. Make parting easy with our Pintail Parting Comb, or get the 3-in-1 brush & comb, complete with a spatula end to pick up and apply product.

For the New Year

Finally, ring in the new year with a bit of sparkle by grabbing our Egyptian Diamond and Secret of Pharaoh glitters. Egyptian Diamond is a spray perfect for the hair and body, coupled with a delightful scent. The Secret of Pharaoh glitters goes great with our glitter primer.

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