Is Your Protective Style Really Protective?

Is Your Protective Style Really Protective?

Apr 15, 2022Joon Park

Written by: Ciarra McLean

A woman smiling with hair braided straight back into a bun

No matter the time of year, it’s always a great idea to schedule protective styling into your hair care routine. Protective styling prevents over-manipulation and the negative effects that come with it, such as breakage, knots, and split ends. While throwing your hair in a bun once a week may seem like a good option, not all protective hairstyles are made equal, and we at EBIN NEW YORK are here to give you the ultimate guide!

Step 1: Take care of your hair

Use our Style 2 Finish Deep Conditioning Masque before doing your protective style to ensure your hair is properly moisturized and full of much-needed nutrients. Targeting specific hair problems? Our WIL+GAIN natural hair oils offer a blend of solutions, perfect to be used before, during, and after your protective style. Be sure to thoroughly cleanse your scalp in between styling - healthy hair begins at the root!

Several bottles of EBIN NEW YORK's WIL+GAIN Natural hair oil scattered in a random pattern on a red background

Step 2: Use the right products 

Now that your hair is prepped, it's time to choose the style!

Use EBIN’s Braid Formula to keep hair smooth and in place, all while retaining moisture and protecting your natural hair. 

Do a sleek bun or ponytail using our Wonder Ponytail Bond Freeze Spray which leaves no residue and allows for a shiny, easy-to-maintain look. Style your edges using EBIN’s 24 Hour Edge Tamer which, like the ponytail bond, leaves no residue or buildup.

The best part about EBIN’s products not creating buildup is that it doesn’t inhibit new hair growth and ensures hair washing and maintenance will be that much easier.

Step 3: And, style!

With our Tinted Lace Spray and Wonder Lace Bond, you can have a brand new look on top of your protective style and no one will know. Try putting your hair in cornrows or flat twists to keep tangles from forming, and tuck it away neatly under a wig cap. Because the Wonder Lace Bond line has so many different holds and strengths, you can truly customize just how long you’d like to keep a protective style in. 

Alternatively, you can wear your protective styles out! Our Braid Formula works on a variety of hair types, making braid season every season. You can also try it on twists, butterfly locs, and an array of other styles!

Looking to keep it simple? A low bun moisturized with our Style 2 Finish Leave-In Conditioner is the perfect way to keep hair manipulation down without spending too much time on the style. One tip is to be mindful of how you place your hair, as repeated styling in the same area can lead to hair loss as a result of traction alopecia. In other words, putting your hair in the same style day after day may cause hair loss in areas of high friction - this is what we mean by not all protective styles are created equally!

A collection of all 5 hair products in EBIN NEW YORK's Style 2 Finish line

At the end of the day, as long as you are mindful about the way you wear your hair, retaining length and avoiding damage can be a simple thing. 

EBIN NEW YORK has the products you need to protect and nourish your tresses, so keep an eye on this space for things that are up and coming! 

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