Braid Season is Every Season: EBIN'S Guide to Braids

Braid Season is Every Season: EBIN'S Guide to Braids

Aug 15, 2022Joon Park

by Ciarra McLean


If you haven’t heard, braids are IN! Always on trend, braids come in so many shapes, sizes, colors, and other variations, that you can completely change your look with each style. Want to try doing braids on your own? We’ve got everything you need!

First, pick the style you’d like to do. A black boho braid bob? Colorful crochet locs down to your waist? Blonde box braids skimming the floor? The possibilities are endless! Once you settle on a style, your needs will differ slightly, but in general, you’ll require the following:

  • Braiding hair to extend the life of your style, as well as potentially add length or a different texture
  • Braid Formula, to soften and moisturize your hair as well as add a nice shine
  • Setting Mousse, to lock the style in place
  • Tension Relief Lotion to relieve any tightness or irritation caused by the hair pulling at the scalp
  • WIL+GAIN, to apply to the scalp and hair to promote hair health and growth 
  • And 24 Hour Edge Tamer, to lay your edges when you’re done!

Other necessities include a rat tail comb for parting, and of course a mirror (or two!) to ensure everything is coming out the way you want it to.


Blonde Braids

Photo by Click Pop 

Different braiding methods are going to require different techiniques. It’s impossible to cover them all in one blog post, but we can give you a good base to stand on! 

Now that you’ve chosen your desired style and you’ve got your supplies, you’re ready to begin! Start with freshly washed, conditioned, detangled, and dry hair. Many people prefer to blow dry their own hair prior to braiding, which will definitely make achieving your style goal that much easier. However, feel free to dry and stretch your hair using another method such as banding. Stretched hair will work the best in this situation.

Regardless of which style you chose, certain things are true for all braided looks. 

  • Keep things even: Focus on even parting to ensure your braids are all the same size. Use the Braid Formula to assist you in making even parts, and apply a small amount to the length of your hair to prevent breakage. 
  • Added hair: If you did decide to add braiding hair, prepare it before you begin to make the overall process easier. Section and separate the hair ahead of time so once you are in the process of braiding you can simply grab and keep going. We do suggest adding braiding hair because it can often lengthen the life of your style, regardless of how long you want your braids to be. 
  • Apply your preferred WIL+GAIN blend to your scalp and hair shaft to provide nutrients and further protect the hair

Finally, be creative! Don’t be afraid to try zig zag parts or combine different shades of braiding hair to make a unique blend all your own. The most fun part about doing your own hair is that you are in full control, and can experiment with different techniques!


Header Photo by Alex Robinson on Unsplash

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