Everything You Need to Slay your Wig Install



Written by Ciarra McLean

Whether you’re trying out a wig for the first time or you switch it up every day, we’ve got the ultimate guide to slaying your wig with everything EBIN NEW YORK!  As the one stop shop for wig installs, this will break down each EBIN product and how it can help you slay that wig.

Pick your Wig!

It all starts with selecting your wig. In this case, you’ll want a portion of your wig to be lace so we can use our Wonder Lace Bond to secure it. Full lace or lace front, it’ll work! Once you have your wig selected, it's time to grab the products!

Tackle Those Tangles

If you’re reinstalling a wig you’ve previously worn or even if you’re starting from scratch, you may need to detangle prior to application. Try out our 5 Second Detangler to easily and safely remove any knots or tangles.

Tint Your Lace

When it comes to wigs, the only look we’re giving is scalp! That means you’ll want the lace portion of your wig to match your skin tone. Our Tinted Lace line comes in 4 different types: spray, concealer, powder, and mousse. No matter which form of Tinted Lace you choose, keep in mind that your scalp is usually a lighter tone than your face, so you will want to take that into consideration when selecting your Tinted Lace shade. The type of Tinted Lace you select can also depend on your wig - for a full lace wig you’ll want the coverage of the spray or mousse, however for smaller parting spaces you can use the dual-ended concealer and brush or the powder.

To Glue or Not to Glue

You can either install your wig glueless, meaning no strong adhesives, or you can use a wig glue for that extra security. Wig adhesive sprays are usually considered glueless and are a great option to for hold that will still allow you to switch things up. If you’re keeping your wig on for more than a few days, reach for glue, if not, spray is fine! If you’re using a strong adhesive, you absolutely need our remover to loosen the adhesive and ensure you are able to remove your wig cleanly, without any damage to your hairline or skin.

Sensitive Skin? 

If your skin is prone to irritation, it’s best to start off using the Sensitive Wonder Lace Bond spray to ensure you can wear your wig worry free! 

Another great product, this time for all skin types, is our Wonder Lace bond Skin Protector. In both Original and Enhanced, it provides a barrier between the skin and adhesive. This prevents irritation as well as extends the hold the glue or spray will have.

What are your go-to wig install essentials? Leave a comment and let us know!

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