How to Protect your Hair in the Winter

How to Protect your Hair in the Winter

Nov 30, 2022Joon Park

Photo by Miriam Alonso

The colder months aren’t just on their way - for a lot of us, they’re already here! If you live in an environment where the air gets colder and drier, you need to be mindful of how you take care of your hair. Don’t worry - we’ve got the ultimate guide to protecting your hair during the winter.


When you’re assessing what your hair needs in response to the weather, chances are you need moisture. For natural hair, our entire line of Style 2 Finish Curl products are filled with moisturizing ingredients. We recommend the Curl Milk or Curl Pudding for maximum hydration. To seal it all in, grab our WIL+GAIN 100% natural oil blends, which work great on all hair types! 


This is also a great time to get a trim. Trimming off knots and split ends is essential when it comes to maintaining happy, healthy hair. For easy, effective parting, when trimming your own hair, we suggest our Braid Formula Pintail Parting Comb.


Photo by Ekaterina Bolovtsova 

Protective styles

We’ve already got a full article on how to make sure your protective style is actually protecting your hair, so check that out to ensure you’re truly doing some good to your tresses! In general, you’ll want to stick with low-manipulation styles. Another key is keeping up your hair while it is in the protective style - spritzing with a moisturizing leave-in or water and sealing with oil can do a lot.

Protect from the Elements

Be sure to cover your hair when you leave the house - feel free to use a satin scarf to protect from the friction of hats or hoods. This will also keep your hair from getting exposed to the dry, cold air.

Hair Health

Taking care of your hair starts from the inside - be sure to take your vitamins and eat a diet rich with fruits and vegetables to give your tresses the best chance you can. Protein matters too - as well as staying hydrated!

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